Thursday, June 23, 2016

Steady As She Goes 8

The Transition Zone

All is AOK at Greenway

I see many other walkers, joggers, cyclists and so on, as I walk and shuffle and walk and jog along the Terry Fox Pathway in Greenway Park. I don't pass anybody at the speed I travel, but (!), that time isn't far away in dog years.

While I was jogging this morning I passed one quarter-mile marker, then another, before resuming my walk.

"That felt pretty easy," I said. "I must be making grand progress."

My regular shuffling is taking me farther and faster

And I am. The GREAT Canadian Comeback is on the right track. I am jogging more and walking less. I am shaving a few more minutes off my travelling time with each passing week, and - mark my words - within a week or two I will pass somebody who, like me, is slowly but surely making an effort to get or stay fit by walking, shuffling, walking, jogging, etc.

Oh yeah, I'll just fly by.

I guess I'd better make up some kind of quick greeting for when that happens:

- Hi, how are you? I'd say more but I'm actually passing you by. Bye!

- Good work. You're looking good. See ya later.

I'm sure I'll be in a transition zone (from walker to runner) for quite some time, but seeing a bit of progress now and again gives one a lift.

Photos from along the way -

Please link to Steady As She Goes 7

Photos by GH

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