Monday, June 6, 2016

Steady As She Goes 5

Quick Update About Shuffling

Good walking, but no shuffling in early June

Since starting my 'shufflin' off to Buffalo' set of walks on March 29th, I've walked 64 times, and I've included shufflin' 16 times - or 25% of the time.

The 25% is a happy coincidence. I wasn't aiming to have the percentage of shuffles work out in such a nicely rounded fashion. Once or twice a week is on my mind along with the cautionary slogan, "If you've got the time, take your time, Gordie."

Yesterday's walk was wet and wild! Heavy on the rain and JOGN

Yesterday's walk was going along nicely, with some smooth shufflin' going on at regular intervals, until rain fell, accompanied by a stiff, cold breeze. Then I had to make a decision - take shelter or carry on. I chose to cut short my planned 8-mile route by a quarter-mile in each direction (out and back) and carry on, with the hopes of hitting clear skies again.

On the way back home I did a bit of shuffling that I'd like to call 'Gord's old-time running'. I plodded along for over a mile and felt like I was a long-distance runner again. My pace, breathing and heart-rate were strong and steady, and I could have run farther if I'd wanted. But I wisely chose to slow down and get back into the walking-shuffling routine. (Hey, I've got the time.)

There are no bad walking routes in the Comox Valley

All that walking around on some hilly turf during my recent trip to Vancouver Island did not hurt me one bit!

I feel I've been staying within my limits for several months and the limits are growing slow and steady-like. I feel there is no need to push myself harder or faster. Why, by October I should be ready to enter a five-kilometre road race and get that new T-shirt I've been dreaming about. : )

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