Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Steady As She Goes 10

Sore Left Foot

I came to London in 1968 (to UWO) and lived on 2nd floor of Dunlish
Apt. at Dundas and English, above a bank (now The Coffeehouse)

This is a 'typical Gord' move:

I have a sore left foot and could have bicycled to Old East London yesterday (to pick up Ethiopian Dark Roast at Asmara Caffee on Dundas St.), but after setting out for two blocks I decided not to turn back - hey, my foot is not hurting that much - and ride my comfortable 18-speed. About five miles later I knew I should have started a careful recovery program that afternoon.

That being said, I will start today to reduce walking miles and increase cycling miles. All I have to do is find my bike helmet!

Photos from along the way:

 "I will ride - starting today - as much as possible"

The walk was worth it - to get my morning dark roast

I'm going to call the problem with my left foot an overuse injury until I learn more. I will Google 'walking injury' or 'foot injuries' for starters. Hopefully, the problem will be minor.

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Photos by GH

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