Monday, May 8, 2017

A Wet, Cool, Damp and Drizzly Week.

Welcome to May, 2017.

I won't go so far as to call 2017 the "Year of The Flood", it's early days. But, if this week is anything like last week - wet, cool, damp, cold, drizzly, windy, chilly, rainy - I will go far.

That being said, I managed to head out the door for lengthy, brisk, dampish walks on five days last week and collect 24 miles' worth of solid exercise. "Fun and fitness" didn't cross my mind while stiff breezes doused me with cold water, but I held my ten week average to almost 27 miles, so that's saying something.

And who knows, if the weather turns mild, I may get out my new jogging shorts!

("We shall see what we shall see," said the wise man).  : )

Photos From Along the Way:

 Neighbour Matt (right), and friend Paul run the London Half last Sunday.

 Every walk last week was in cool, damp conditions

Even this family (see gosling, far left) said, "Wet! Wet!"

Please link to Early Evening Five-Miler.

Photos GH

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