Tuesday, April 4, 2017

No Pressure: Onward and Outward.

My next set of walks will keep me going - out the door - until September.

September 1st, approximately.

Yesterday (April 3, 2017) I walked 5.25 miles on the Terry Fox Parkway, then partied - Happy Hour in the workshop - because the walk was number 120 in a set I called TZ2, or Transition Zone Squared. My goal was to complete 120 walks during the winter months (starting November 10, 2016) and I did so without worry or injury or any fuss and bother.

My new goal is to complete 130 walks during the summer months. And though I will likely run a bit more this year than last (I've already started to do so, and I think it feels easier so far), I will put "no pressure" (NP) upon myself to become a running marvel during that time period.

Sure, I'd like to run a 10-Km. road race in the fall, nice-and-easy-like, because I'm getting low on T-shirts.... but again.... no pressure. My numbers are good, and that's what I want to maintain in 2017.

By The Numbers:

During TZ2 I completed 120 walks in 145 days

My GOTD (Get Out The Door) rate was therefore 82.8% during that set.

My GOTD rate for March was 83.9%, so I'm holding that number steady.

During TZ2 I covered 557 miles, or 26.9 miles per week.

As of April 1st, my (previous) 10-week average was 28.7 miles per week.

Key stats are steady so I'm a happy camper and The GREAT Canadian Comeback is well in hand.

Photos from along the way:

 My Yamaha did not start on Sunday so I "imagined"
the view of the pier in Port Bruce

 Sunday was an incredibly nice day for walkn and running

Yesterday was a mild but gray day, today the same

Today I will complete the first walk in the set called "No Pressure" (NP, on the Comeback Kid).

NP1.... coming up. Stay tuned for more photos from along the way.

Photos GH

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