Sunday, February 19, 2017

I'd Rather Be WALKN.

Another Good Week in the Books.

Except for ducks, Thames R. is still too cold for SWIMN.

In spite an outdoor temperature of 14C, I took a day off yesterday from my WALKN routine. I already had covered 28 miles for the week (my goal is 26.2 miles) and wanted to save my energy for a long walk to UWO today.

Feb. 16 - 18. Almost ready to put my selection of winter hats away

One of my pastimes (researching my father's WW2 Navy history) includes reviewing 1940s newspapers stored on microfilm at London's university, and the 3 - 3.5 mile route from home to the D.B. Weldon Library (via Harris and Gibbons Park, and 'The Flats') is very scenic. So, you might see a lot of photos from along the way pretty soon.

Mild temperatures are in the forecast and I may be tempted to jog around old Londontown in shorts and T-shirt this week. Picture ghost-white-legs and arms, and knee-high tube socks from the 1970s. 

You've been warned.

Photos by GH

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