Tuesday, February 28, 2017

CRUISEN into Spring.

Early Start, Due to Warm Weather.

Slow down, fellas. You're making me look bad.

I like to write things down, and according to my 'fun and fitness journal', I went out for my first walk/jog last year on March 29. 

Hey, I even wore a lovely, colour co-ordinated outfit! 

4 miles. Not very far, but I felt like Superman after I was finished.

This year, again according to my notes, I went out CRUISEN - a good word for 2017 jogging efforts - on February 22 in colourful athletic gear. Five weeks ahead of last year I am, likely because of the warm spell Old Londontown is experiencing.

Though I was stiff for two days, the effort was worth it. My effort to cover marathon distance (26.2 miles) on a weekly basis has been consistent as well, so I feel I can look forward to another positive, productive year on the city's walking/running and cycling paths.

Photos From Along the Way:

 Entry on Feb. 22: CRUISEN for 4.5 miles on Terry Fox Path. A1.

 My 10-Week "average mileage" holds pretty steady

Building the GREAT Canadian Comeback continues!

Please link to Time for CRUISEN.

Photos GH

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