Sunday, January 21, 2018

Photos From Along The Way (3).

Almost Back from Chicago, the Second Time!!

[Photo: There's always time for a good walk on city trails]  

Was there a day last week that was not perfect for walkn?

Trails from Harris Park to Baldwin Flats were pretty smooth and I enjoyed clear sailing on the Terry Fox Pathway.

According to the numbers, my weekly mileage stayed steady and my 10-week average trended north.

 I finished last week with 27.5 miles in the bank

My 10-week average is on the rise.

Q: How can the 10-week average go above 28.5 after a week's total of 27.5?

A: Ten weeks ago I only walked 21 miles while in Chicago, so the most-recent 10-week total went up by 6.5 miles. 

Speaking of Chicago, my total mileage for 2017 was 1,392 miles. The distance from London to Chicago is 402 miles (driving). So, last year I walked to Chicago and back, and then some more... almost two round-trips.

More photos from along the way:

 Thanks, but I'd rather walk. [Poster from Chicago]

Enjoy walks in the snow.

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